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This plugin was started in 2010 as a few lines of Lightroom LUA code. It was developed to encourage Meetup members attending photography events to share their images with the community for support, praise and friendly critique.

The plugin grew from a basic image uploader to also providing EXIF and GPS information. Later, we added the ability to import data into image metadata for easy searching. It has been a great 9 year and the plugin has uploaded THOUSANDS of images, supporting the Photography community.

On March 5th, 2017, migrated its hosting to AWS cloud storage. After that change, many 3rd party applications stopped working due to authentication errors, including this plugin. We worked with the awesome API team at meetup to get the issues resolved.

In November of 2017, was sold to and a significant number of changes to the platform have taken place. The team that supported 3rd party software developers experienced staffing changes.

In early September of 2018, faithful users of this plugin started seeing the authentication error again when connecting with's servers.

Unfortunately, the new API support staff at WeWork/Meetup do not interact with the development community. It has been several months since they participated in the official API Forum, or the Meetup App's Gethub issues queue.

After asking about authentication issues/changes via email, I received a reply on September 14th that the person I was contacting was no longer on the API team -- my email was being rerouted. On September 18th, I received an email that someone would be looking into the issue. I asked again about the issue on September 27th, and was told my issue will be "filed" for review.

It is now October 15, and WeWork/Meetup's API team is still not addressing 3rd Party developer issues.

The "Workaround" to get the plugin working again is to use individual user API keys. That means, having users request their own API key from WeWork/Meetup, then typing that key into the plugin. For those who used early versions of this plugin, you remember that's how we USED to do it. But it is significantly more complicated than the Facebook, Twitter, etc authentication model, which simply requires the user to provide the plugin "permissions" on the respective websites - a one-button click.

We aren't going back to teaching people a more complicated method. Its just not fair to the users.

The usefulness of this plugin is also in question. After WeWork/Meetup made significant changes to their platform, many Photography groups/clubs have transition to other platforms such as Facebook or a custom WordPress site. The number of photos posted after each event has also significantly dropped, as has image comments.

It is extremely sad and frustrating when things we love so much change in ways that no longer support us. However due to the lack of support for 3rd party developers, and WeWork/Meetup reduction in support for Photography clubs, I am forced to discontinue future updates to the Lightroom plugin.

This website will remain up in hopes that the API authentication issues are eventually resolved and we can start offering this for download again.


Download and instal the Plug-in

See How

Authorize the plugin with Meetup.

See How

Select images, right-click and export.

See How
LightUp LR Export Plug-in for isn't my only pony.

More cool stuff!

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LightUp, the LR Export Plug-in for

This Plugin is Packed with Cool Stuff It'll blow your mind.

Stuff you asked for.

  • Export one or more images directly from LR into a Album
  • Automatically posts a "Comment" on the image, with customized message that includes EXIF data values.
  • Optionally Import data into your image's EXIF info (Event address, city, state, zip, etc.)
  • Optionally Add New Keywords to LR based on data (group name, event name, address, city, state, etc.)
  • Compatible with 3rd Party presets.
  • Takes advantage of newer, faster APIs!

Stuff that bugged me.

  • Much faster login speed starting in version 1.0.7.
  • Fixed the EXIF Comment postings for LR5
  • Reformatted the image page URL for faster browser loads
  • Removed unusable video panel for Lightroom 5
  • Using the tokens with an unknown (ahem, film) camera results in a "no exif data" message rather than "UNKNOWN".
  • Will only make two failed attempts at logging in, and then will stop trying (no more loops)


LightUp displays all of your Meetup Groups and Events
Commonly used groups appear at the top!

  1. List of all Meetup Groups you have joined.
  2. List of Photo Albums, listed in order of creation date.
  3. The location details for the event of that album.

Automatically sync your image metadata with the Database!
Stop typing city and state names as keywords. Stop updating the "Event" EXIF data manually. Let LightUp do it for you.

Automatically post a comment that includes selected EXIF info.
Show your students and fellow photo club members any/all info you feel is important

Meetup Group Information is Cached
Lightning-fast Plugin Startup for each upload session

Works with both Export and Export with Previous
Speed up your image sharing workflow

Sixty+ EXIF and Lightroom Metadata values available for posting.
From exposure settings and lens info, to GPS and Portrait Subject/Model data.

Lightup, the LR Export Plug-in for

Quick Start Guide

Quick start too quick? Got stuck? Need more details? No problem! See the Full Installation Instructions

Step 1

  • Download the free version of LightUp (you can register later).
  • Unzip the archive and place the plug-in contents somewhere safe on your hard drive.
  • Start Lightroom.

Step 2

  • In Lightroom, click on "File", then select "Plug-in Manager ...". Click "Add".
  • Select the plug-in, then click the "Add Plug-in" button.
  • Verify that the "MeetUp Event Album" on the list says "Installed and running".

Step 3

  • Pick an image.
  • Right-click and select "Export ..."
  • Select "Meetup Event Album" for Export To
  • Authenticate with meetup, and export your image!

Start Here

LightUp comes in two flavors, FREE and Registered. Start with free.

Finding a Home

This is one of the hardest parts of installing the plug-in, where to put it? You aren't required to put it in any one specific place. Consider putting it in a location that is always available (not a shared or network drive, for example), and somewhere that doesn't get trashed. I installed mine in a special directory just for 3rd-party Lightroom Plug-ins.

Using the Plug-ins Manager

Once you found your permanent location for LightUp and have unzipped the archive, open Lightroom.

Right-click on any photo and choose "Export" about halfway down the menu, and then "Export ..." from the flyout menu.

This opens the typical Lightroom Export Dialog Window.

Click the button at the bottom-left that says "Plug-in Manager ..."

Lightroom will now open a new window called the "Lightroom Plug-in Manager". This page will show you all of the plug-ins you have installed, and their status.

Again, look down at the bottom left. Click the button that says "Add". You will be prompted to locate the LightUp Plug-in (wherever you happened to save it). Remember: your plug-in needs to be on your hard drive somewhere that it won't be deleted or moved -- or it will stop working!

Before going on to the next step, make SURE you are logged in to with your default web browser. This step is kind of a big deal, that's why I'm using really big text.


To configure the Plug-in, start your first export session. Right-click on any photo and choose "Export" about halfway down the menu, and then "Export ..." from the flyout menu. This brings up the Lightroom Export menu. Notice that the "Export To:" drop down now includes "Meetup Event Album" as an option.

Authenticating with Meetup

Before using the plug-in with, you have to give it "permission" to post images on your account. Otherwise, it might posts images to my account. We may not go to the same meetups.

The first time you select "Meetup Event Album" from the "Export To:" option box, you will see that the "Login" button is available. Click that button, and Lightroom will ask permission to contact on your behalf. Click the button that says "View authentication page on Meetup"

LightUp for Lightroom will now open your default web browser, and take you to a special web page on You can verify you are on Meetup by looking at the URL. LightUp for Lightroom is an approved application at

You can see LightUp listed under the Meetup Application Directory at

Click "Allow" to continue.

CAUTION: This step includes a Lightroom Popup that might get "lost" under other windows. When you receive your app auth code from, minimize or close the window.

Meetup registers LightUp for Lightroom with your account and provides you a special key. Meanwhile, LightUp has opened another box on Lightroom with a special empty box.

Copy this string of numbers from Meetup and paste it into the special dialog box provided by Lightroom.

Note: This small window may pop-up behind your web browser! Minimize windows to find it.

Did I mention that this little window pop-up from Lightroom might end up under your web browser? Close if you can't find where to paste the auth code!

Please note, the screenshots provide a look at version The version you are installing may vary slightly.

Refreshing the Group List

After you authenticate with Meetup, the plug-in's first task is to grab and save a list of your meetup groups. Since this list is Cached to make LightUp for Lightroom faster, you will need to press the "Refresh Groups" button each time you join or leave a meetup group.

Exporting Images to Event Albums

Please note, the screenshots provide a look at version The version you are installing may vary slightly.

Selecting a Meetup Album

Right click on an image (or group of images), and select "Export", then "Export ...". When the Lightroom Dialog box appears, select "Meetup Event Album" from the "Export To:" drop down list. Your list of groups will appear in the "Groups" box.

Click on the desired group and wait a few moments for the list of events to populate, it won't take long. Once it populates with events and albums, select one.

The "Export" button at the bottom of the Export Dialog box becomes available. You can now export your image to this Album!

Posting Metadata and EXIF Info

Please note, the screenshots provide a look at version The version you are installing may vary slightly.

Sharing Metadata

LightUp for Lightroom provides a unique (and cool) feature for photographers. It allows you to post select EXIF and Lightroom metadata as a comment on your photo. For photography instructors, or people interested in getting feedback, this is valuable information that people often request.

"Tokens" represent metadata information available in Lightroom. These are both EXIF image information and metadata you provided Lightroom about the image. Placing the tokens in the "Current Pattern" window update the "Example" below the box.

Select one of the "Tokens" from the three drop down boxes, and then press the "Add Token" button. This populates the large textbox with the tokens you selected. The "Example:" displays how your image comment will look when posted.

After each image is posted, LightUp will automatically create the first comment with the EXIF and Lightroom Metadata as you configured it.

DOWNLOAD LIGHTUP The Lightroom plug-in for

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded my plug-in over the past 4 years, and provided awesome feedback. The plug-in remains free with an image upload limit, just like previous versions.

Donate $20 and I'll send you my personal thank you, and a copy with no restrictions.

The free version includes vanity links to my other projects:

Trial Version Full Version
Donation FREE $10
System Mac / Win Mac / Win
Full-Resolution Uploads    
Multi-Image Uploading    
List Meetup Groups and Events    
Customizable Comment Posting    
25 Basic EXIF tags for Comments    
New GPS EXIF tags    
Duplicate Upload Checking    
45 Advanced Metadata tags    
8 Model / Portrait Meta tags    
Automatically Update Image EXIF Data (Address, State, City, etc) from Event Location    
Automatically Add Lightroom Keywords from Meetup Data (Location, Event and Group Name, etc)    
Automatically Add Lightroom Keywords For Camera Data (Camera make, Lens, etc)    
Share your Camera and Exposure Info in an Image Comment with NEW PRESETS! URL to your image is saved in LR Metadata    
Automatically add EXIF "Title" as photo "Caption"    
Uploads per Export 10 Images Unlimited
Ads PrintDealsGuy Ad None!
Current Version
Sorry, this plugin is no longer available for download.

LightUp Version History Change Log

Version Details

Version 8 is a hot-fix.

  • This version repairs issues caused when made infrastructure changes to their API.
  • EXIF data is now published on meetup as the image's "Title" rather than as a "comment" on the image.

Version 7 is the biggest set of new features to date! (Note: Some features only available on the registered version)

  • Completely rewrote the login process to significantly speed up first-time-user logins (and for users whith multiple accounts)
  • Plugin now checks to make sure you're not uploading duplicates by mistake.
  • EXIF "State/Province" is optionally updated, set to the event "Venue" 2-letter state code.
  • EXIF "City" is optionally updated, set to the event "Venue" city name.
  • EXIF "Location" is optionally updated, set to the event "Venue" street address. Note: this is different than the LightUp Metadata "Location Name". This optional "Location" metadata updates EXIF data, the "Location Name" is specifically for the plugin metadata.
  • EXIF "Event" is optionally updated, set to the name of the event name
  • All options for Metadata and EXIF options now include help. Be not confused; click questionmarks.
  • Token options for the comments have been divided out into 6 logical categories rather than 3 confusing ones.
  • When posting EXIF data as a comment, there are new "Presets", so you don't have to make your own comment token string.
  • An example display window shows what "Location" and meetup event info has been gathered from's database
  • "Location Name" can optionally be added to the image metadata (equal to event "Venue" name)
  • "Posted EXIF" (a true/false flag) is added as LightUp Metadata to indicate if you posted a comment on the image with EXIF info.
  • "Photo Url" is automatically added as LightUp Metadata to the image after upload
  • "Meetup Event Name" is automatcially added as LightUp Metadata to the image after upload
  • "Meetup Group Name" is automatically added as LightUp Metadata to the image after upload
  • If your image has an EXIF "Title", you can optionally make that the image "Caption" (limited to 255 characters)
  • When posting EXIF data as a comment, you can now optionally add "titles". For example, "EF50mm f/1.4" can now read "Lens: EF50mm f/1.4"
  • When posting EXIF data as a comment, you can now optionally skip "Unknown" values (great for people shooting film or specialty lenses that have no EXIF data)
  • The option "Get More Albums" does not display if there are no more to get.
  • Plugin no longer tests for updates. Updates will be emailed to users and posted on
  • Plugin Info url now points to new home:
  • The "Contact" button has been removed and replaced with "About" button. Feel free to contact me via the web site.

Fixed an issue with version numbers that significantly angered one user


Added Additional GPS options for meetup image comments.

Final build for legacy Lightroom 5 Users

  • Fixed issues for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows compatibility.
  • Fixed issue with event names being blank for some users.
  • Fixed issue with "smart quotes" in group names and event names

Final build for legacy Lightroom 4 Users.


Build for Lightroom 5 Users

  • Compatible with "Export with Pervious ..." in Lightroom 5
  • Much faster plug-in load time: Your Meetup Group list is now cached to reduce API calls, No longer authenticates each time you open the exporter
  • Hides unneeded EXIF data (exposure value if EV=0, for example)
  • Removed the annoying dialog box after exports complete
  • Reformatted the image page URL for faster browser loads
  • Removed unusable video panel for Lightroom 5
  • Using the tokens with an unknown (ahem, film) camera results in a "no exif data" message rather than "UNKNOWN".
  • Will only make two failed attempts at logging in, and then will stop trying (no more loops)

Added LR3 Support and better instructions for API
Added EXIF as "tokens" rather than groups of checkboxes. Many new EXIF parameters added.


Fixed bug that caused assertion errors, added "albums" not just "events", display number of photos in each album.


Added "Check for Updates", "Contact", "Donate" buttons


first public release


saving all settings as preferences


ignored "The" when sorting group names


added "LightUp" section with "check for updages" button


resorted the meetup groups by name


resorted the events by date


added a test button so users can see they are "logged in" to meetup

0.6 - 0.10

added checkbox options on the camera settings section


added custom camera settings to the message text,  added "label", "caption", and "URL" to the message


added spooling off a custom message at the bottom of the image


added dropdown for groups,  added dropdown for events based on groups


added "get api key" button for quick access


added "get api key" button for quick access


first initial build with actual photo uploaded to the beta site using api key